Phillip T. Pi
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Strong background in software quality assurance (SQA), web design/development, and technical support. Accomplished team player who enjoys working with various technologies (legacy, current, and upcoming), details, and obsessions. Developed a lifelong passion for computers and how they function.

  • Researching, Planning, and Documenting
  • Analysis and Testing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Team Player, Mentor, and Support
  • Software and Hardware Configurations
  • Technical Support
  • Security and Privacy
  • Internet, Intranet, and Network
  • Online (Global and Local) and Offline
  • Online Communication
  • Data Entry



Freelance Consulting Information Technology (IT) Technician (Tech)
Analyzed, debugged, researched, diagnosed, cloned, installed, upgraded, (repair/fix)ed, tested, and documented Windows (XP and 10) computers and their software in the office and my home.

CISCO (contracted via Adecco), home (remote) 6/2015-12/2016
User Interface (UI) Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer / Engineer - Test/Quality Assurance (QA)
Reviewed the design specifications (e.g., redlines from wikis and Zeplin) for accuracy for its WebEx and Spark products online. Used them in popular web browsers and their native software ports in various platforms, and reported issues.
  • Ensured that the design specifications are being implemented correctly according to the redlines and build files with engineering to avoid discrepancies.
  • Manual tested and reported various issues like crashes, usabilities, and accessibilities. Used the company's bug trackers (e.g., GitHub, its inhouse trackers, and other online feedbacks for bug tracking), and Asana and Wiki for task managements and documentations. Also provided feedbacks and suggestions. Same with technical support beside these products like its Intranet and IT like its printing issues.
  • Fully telecommuted, from home, to interact and collaborate online with various people and services around the world (e.g., Ireland, China, India, United Kingdom (UK), and United States (US)) with the company's own and other companies' products.
SYMANTEC, Santa Monica and Culver City, CA3/2002-1/2015
Sr. SQA Analyst11/2004-1/2015
SQA Analyst (contracted via PRO Unlimited) 3/2002-11/2004
Worked on many popular Norton consumer products like AntiVirus, 360, Internet Security, Personal Firewall, SystemWorks, Utilities, Bootable Recovery Tool, Security Scan, and Spyware Scan. Also, with their related areas such as subscriptions, payments, activations, download managers, help, and web pages.
  • Managed test modules and tasks in various areas in the software products to find issues, report them, and get resolved to keep users from running into issues for protections and cleanups.
  • Reported issues into three inhouse bug tracker systems for subsequent follow ups and closures between teams.
  • Ran the inhouse and external tools, utilities, scripts, certifications, and Intranet for manual and automated tests and analyses. Used multiple labs, virtual machines (VMs), and computers to do analyses, tests (adhoc, smoke, regression, black box, code coverage), and debugs.
  • Examined multiple resources (e.g., functional specifications, requirements, schedules, plans, and images) from Perforce, Lotus Notes, e-mails, PowerPoint, and meetings to enhance my support and testing capabilities.
  • Created and managed test plans, cases, instructions, patches, rules, and matrices.
  • Communicated with many developers/programmers/engineers, analysts, specialists, technicians, testers, leads, managers, configuration management (CM), technical support, users/customers/clients, and others locally and globally through e-mails, instant messaging (IM), online forums, usenet newsgroups, and in person. These also included numerous reviews and postmortems.
  • Supported Norton products through end to end software lifecycle (planning, documentation, development, testing, prealpha, alpha, beta, and maintenance (LiveUpdate)/support) to ensure quality product shipped to customers.
  • Conducted strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis on competitor products to more effectively market Norton products and gain market share.
  • Met requirements, tested (almost every builds like for their acceptances), supported, and communicated with worldwide vendors, partners, service providers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as Comcast, EarthLink, American Online (AOL), Yahoo!, CenturyLink, Telus, British Telecommunications (BT), NetZero, Sony, 1&1, Lenovo, T-Online, SoftBank, Best Buy, Staples, Linksys, and Dell.
  • Switched and adapted well to multiple active projects by being flexible and prioritizing with no and little notices.
  • Suggested ideas and recommendations for improvements such as better online support externally (e.g., non-Symantec forums), tests, processes, changing graphics (color issues for accessibility, usability, and color blindness), adjusting usability designs (keyboard navigation pattern glitches), and finding graphical user interface (GUI) issues with bigger dots per inch (DPI) and nondefault users' colors.
  • Received a Symantec A++ Award for excellence and many Symantec Applause Awards from managers and colleagues for working with others and resolving issues, and completing emergency tasks.
PROPERTYFIRST.COM (acquired by LoopNet), Alhambra, CA12/1998-3/2001
Product Assurance Specialist/SQA Analyst and Web Developer/Designer
Designed, developed, tested, maintained, and supported the commercial real estate company's web sites, including front ends, for clients. Provided technical support to clients and coworkers.
  • Interfaced, debugged, and tested web sites' Structured Query Language (SQL) databases that contained data for commercial real estate users. These ensured the data is accurate, detailed, and working.
  • Made cases, scripts, and plans to test functional web site and application subsystems to report issues. Maintained quality assurance (QA) of web-based products (SQA and SCM).
  • Participated in the development and usability testing of web and software products to increase usability and decrease issues.
  • Advised on innovative web and SQA technologies which enhanced web sites and processes like tools.
  • Developed a simple Intranet address book/directory with ColdFusion for the tiny startup company before it grew.
  • Received four Recognition Awards for completing critical milestone deadlines in testing web sites. Testing was completed in my home after business hours using dial-up modems to reveal issues that would not have been seen on the company's fast network system.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA

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